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The Double Chin Dilemma


The phrase “two is better than one” applies to a lot of things…but chins aren’t one of them!

Statistics indicate that 68% of the population at some point have been frustrated with their double chin. It’s completely normal to be bothered by sagging skin or stubborn fat in that area of our faces, which is why a lot of people have this area treated when diet and exercise don’t do the trick.

Why is CoolSculpting the Double Chin on our minds?

It’s no secret, 2020 threw us for a loop! The pandemic put us in a position where our only option for face-to-face interaction involved looking at ourselves on a screen… ALL… THE… TIME.

With so much time spent checking ourselves out, we’ve noticed and appreciate all of the beautiful features we love — and in some cases, the things that we may not love as much.

Exhibit A: that super annoying, super stubborn, double chin – cue the tiny violin.

Can CoolSculpting for Chin be Done? Absolutely!

A lot of things in life are inevitable — taxes, long lines at the DMV and a mild Starbucks addiction, just to name a few. The good news is our double chins don’t have to fall into this category!

CoolSculpting has given us the gift of a (surprisingly easy) quick fix. It’s so easy and effective, it’s been ranked the world’s #1 non-surgical fat reduction procedure. In fact, it’s worked its way up to being the most commonly requested area to treat since the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s not a “see you later,” but a “goodbye forever!”

As we ebb and flow through life, so does the size of our fat cells. They grow and shrink depending on our diet and exercise habits, which may give the impression that these cells change in number. However, that’s not the case!

We actually reach our maximum number of fat cells in adolescence and never make more. This is incredible news because when we freeze and destroy those cells with CoolSculpting, this means they’ll never come back.

It’s still possible for the remaining cells to grow, so a healthy lifestyle is crucial in maintaining your body contouring results.

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting for chin is an FDA-approved treatment that safely uses fat freezing technology called Cryolipolysis. It’s a precisely controlled method of cooling to permanently destroy fat cells in the body without causing any damage to the skin. When exposed to extreme cold, fat cells die, crystallize and will be eliminated through your lymphatic system.

Since the chin is a small area, you may not see results for several weeks. It’s common to have two CoolSculpting treatments to get the results you’re looking for. CoolSculpting for chin at Reclaim Medical Aesthetics will help target this specific area to tighten and tone the chin’s underside.

Where can I start my CoolSculpting Journey?

At our Dublin, Ohio med spa!

Our specially trained body contouring nurses have performed over 1,000 CoolSculpting treatments. This experience along with our 2 CoolSculpting devices equals results in half the time.

Our CoolSculpting specialists will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your body, your goals and your budget. Come on in and let us pamper you with some bubbly, Netflix and the permanent destruction of your fat cells.

Additional areas of the body for CoolSculpting treatment for both men and women:

  • CoolSculpting for flanks
  • CoolSculpting for stomach
  • CoolSculpting for arms
  • CoolSculpting for banana roll (area under the buttocks)
  • CoolSculpting for bra fat
  • CoolSculpting for thighs – inner or outer
  • CoolSculpting for back fat
  • CoolSculpting for chest

If you’re ready to start your CoolSculpting journey to safely and efficiently reduce fat, Reclaim Medical Aesthetics in Dublin, Ohio can help you achieve natural and long-lasting results.

Let’s tackle the double chin dilemma (or any other dilemma) together! Request an appointment online today.