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Hiking in Columbus


Adventure Awaits: Hiking in Columbus

By Lindsay Pennington

When I walk into Reclaim Medical Aesthetics, I am immediately filled with a sense of relaxation and confidence. The team at Reclaim truly strives to help you Reclaim Your Best Self! While the DiamondGlow Facial, Hydro Jelly Mask and the amazing SkinMedica products help me reclaim my best self physically, hiking and being in nature help me reclaim my best self mentally!

This passion for spending time in nature sparked my desire to launch the first ever Running/Walking Mileage Challenge at Avina Women’s Care. In this challenge, all of us at Avina and Reclaim (staff and physicians) log our daily mileage. With each mile walked, we earn another entry into the prize drawings.

Staving active is so important, not only physically, but also mentally. Over the past year, we all have had to adjust to an ever-evolving “new normal.” New worries and anxieties have infiltrated our minds. Concerns about masks, social distancing, symptoms, travel restrictions, quarantines and more are now in the forefront of our thoughts. But I have found a reprieve: hiking in nature.

When I go on a hike, I am instantly transported away from stresses of work, relationships and personal life. Instead, I am immersed in the beautiful green of the tree leaves, the crunch of the dirt and sticks beneath my feet, the sweet smell of honeysuckle growing along the trail and the warm sunshine on my face (don’t forget your sunscreen from Reclaim!)

As I hike the trails, my ever-running and ever-thinking mind seems to slow down a bit. I find my racing thoughts fade into thinking about the bumblebee colony I saw, listening to the burbling brook and enjoying the gentle breeze on my skin.

Columbus is truly a wonderful city in which to run, walk and hike — no matter the season! All across the central Ohio area, you can find beautiful metro parks. One of my favorite places to hike is Highbanks Metropark, located off U.S. 23 in Lewis Center. I absolutely love the Overlook trail! This winding trail leads you through a state of nature preserve to a picturesque lookout point that towers 100+ feet over the Olentangy River.

This past January, a friend and I hiked the Overlook trail for my birthday. We bundled up in our puffy coats, thick woolen socks, scarves, mittens and toboggans and braved the frigid temperatures. As we walked, we shared many stories (and laughs) of our childhoods, family, work, favorite past-times, hopes for the future and more.

When we reached the observation deck, we both fell silent in awe of the beauty surrounding us. We looked out to see crystal clear blue skies, pristine snow in the distance, birds soaring overhead and towering shale ravines. For a few moments we were totally silent as we listened to chipmunks scurrying up tall trees, the mighty river flowing through the banks and the “oohs and ahhs” of other hikers who were equally impressed with the beautiful scenery.

Whether the time you spend hiking/running/walking in nature is in solitude or with a buddy, take some time to explore your surroundings. What do you see, smell or feel? I hope getting your body moving and grooving in nature brings you as much joy, peace and rejuvenation as it does for me!

Adventure Awaits! Happy Hiking!