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CoolTone is a non-invasive treatment that tones and strengthens muscles by a process called magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS)

But don’t let the name fool you, CoolTone is not a fat freezing treatment like Coolsculpting. Instead, it sends electromagnetic energy into the muscles in your body, which will cause an involuntary contraction. This contraction communicates with the body to strengthen the muscles underneath the treatment area. Over time, the muscles will become stronger, and more toned.

What Areas of the Body Can We Treat?

CoolTone is used to tone, and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Remember, CoolTone is not designed to build or increase your muscles, instead it’s designed to help tighten and tone your existing muscles and work in conjunction with your exercise routine.

Physical Rehabilitation Treatment: Since CoolTone is done in a safe and stationary position, it can be an incredibly helpful rehabilitation tool for those with low back issues or other muscle and joint weaknesses.  Many people who have had CoolTone treatments note their core strength, lower back strength and stability improved after just the first session. Having four treatments in a two-week period is optimal to feel the results.

Fitness Enthusiasts: Individuals who are already committed to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can benefit from CoolTone as it can amplify their efforts and help them strengthen their muscles.

Postpartum Women: After pregnancy and childbirth, many women struggle to regain their pre-pregnancy muscle tone. CoolTone can be particularly beneficial for postpartum women looking to strengthen their core and restore abdominal muscle tone.

During the treatment, you will have a series of contraction that vary in lengths and feels like a light contraction. Many of our clients find it very relaxing and even take a nap during their session.

Since CoolTone treatments are non-surgical, the results are not permanent. You can expect the results to last about six months before you may need to go in for another session, but keep in mind that this will be different for everyone.

Your body will respond differently to the treatment and your results may vary from that of someone else’s. Six months is the general length for which you should expect to experience the results, but it could be less, and it could be more depending on your lifestyle.

When combining a healthy diet and exercise program, CooTone is an excellent addition to help you reach your fitness and health goals.

It is recommended that you have at least 4 sessions within a 2-week period to help get the results you are looking for. Each session lasts about 30 minutes, and you can resume your regular daily activity.

If you would like to maintain the results from your initial sessions, then coming back for another treatment session of 3-6 months is recommended.

CoolSculpting is another FDA-approved medical device that has been proven to help reduce fat in problem areas and is one of the most effective non-surgical fat loss treatments on the market.

It uses extreme cold(cryolipolysis) to freeze—and kill—fat cells. The body will then naturally absorb and remove the fat cells. CoolTone, on the other hand, uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles, which encourages them to strengthen and tone up.

The total cost of an entire CoolTone treatment depends on how many sessions you’ll need to achieve the desired results. We recommend a consultation with appointment with our provider to discuss your goals and create a treatment plan.

In most cases there are no serious side effects from the use of CoolTone. When performed by a properly trained specialist it is an extremely safe procedure offering many benefits.