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Vascular Treatment

Vascular Treatment In Dublin, OH

Tiny red dots or cherry angiomas and spider veins can show up anywhere on the body. Luckily the Motus AZ+ VL attachment can take care of these in a zap!

Vein Treatment FAQs

There is generally no downtime. The target areas from cherry angiomas will turn brown with a scab-like appearance and fall off on its own. Treated spider veins may turn bruise-like as healing occurs. Sun avoidance & sunscreen is recommended after treatment.

Yes, a consultation is recommended before treating so the provider can learn about your skin type and answer questions.

After the consult, treatment time itself can vary depending on the number of areas to be treated. Most treatments are typically anywhere from 15-30 minutes long.

This will depend on skin type and if the client followed post-care instructions.

Considerations include clients with a history of skin hyper/hypopigmentation, spider vein size, & those with very dark skin tones.

With the Motus AZ+ VL setting, clients often feel a second’s worth of discomfort equivalent to a rubber band snapping the skin. To increase comfort, clients are offered a “cold air blower” to use during treatment.